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Butterfly labels

The Euploea mulciber is a tupical forest dweller, flying on clearings and along forest edges. The males of this butterfly have a blue shine on top of their wings, when the sun is shining on it at a certain angle. The color blue is often related to purity. The purity of nature is particularly clear when you see these butterfly flying around. The underside of the wings is brown. This is similar to the soil of the phalaenopsis. T... Read more »


Butterfly Orchids works with Undercover!

Recently, the concept Undercover on the market, this unique concept provides the plant with a unique water buffer system allowing optimum plant arrives at the consumer and gives the consumer much ease with the care. There simply need only to look at the water level.

To dress up the whole pot can be equipped with one of the fancy cover with smart window through which the water level can be monitored.

This concept is available from Butterfly Orchids!
View the website Undrcover.


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