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Morpho nestira

Morpho nestira Morpho nestira_achterkant The Morpho nestira is living in the rainforests of Central and South America. She has a wingspan of 14 till 16 centimeters. The butterfly is often seen, thanks to its destinctive blue color. She drinks her food. The phalaenopsis is a plant which like to stand out for his beautiful bright colors. When you are searching you can find this plant and the Morpho nestira together, because both love moisture. The plant likes to live in a wet environment and the butterfly likes to live there because she can fill her stomach with enough wet food. So give them both enough water, so that you can enjoy this two beautiful and colorful creatures in your home for a very long time.

Cymothoe sangaris

Cymothoe sangaris Cymothoe sangaris_achterkant The Cymothoe sangaris is a red butterfly. She is seen very often in sunny Africa. The Cymothoe sangaris is also known as the red glider. She flies often 100 meters till 700 meters high, enjoying the beautiful view. Because she likes flying above the green forests, she very much looks like the red ‘Miss’. This is a phalaenopsis in our company. The flowers of the phalaenopsis are also flying high above the green leaves of this plant. Because the Cymothoe sangaris and the flowers of a phalaenopsis are so similar, it’s a wonderful sight to see them shining together on 1 stem. The red colour of this butterfly and the colorful beauty of this plant is a wonderful combination which like to shine in your windowsill.

Chilasa clytia dissimilimis

Chilasa clytia dissimilimis Chilasa clytia dissimilimis_achterkant This butterfly is a supspecie of the Chilasa clytia. When you travel to Asia, the chance is very big you wil see a few. But to save you such a long trip, we brought her to the Netherlands. With pleasure she flutters around in our greenhouses. When she needs a rest she sit down on one of the plants which grown there. These plants and the Chilasa clytia get along very well with eachother. So good that they are going to look like eachother. So brown and void as the butterfly is when she is asleep, so wonderful is her beauty when ze knocks her beautiful wings to fly. The buds of the plant are exactly the same. From one day to another can change a small green button in a graceful flower. We hope you will take care with this plant and the butterfly in such a friendly way.

Euploea mulciber

Euploea mulciber Euploea mulciber_achterkant The Euploea mulciber is a tupical forest dweller, flying on clearings and along forest edges. The males of this butterfly have a blue shine on top of their wings, when the sun is shining on it at a certain angle. The color blue is often related to purity. The purity of nature is particularly clear when you see these butterfly flying around. The underside of the wings is brown. This is similar to the soil of the phalaenopsis. The soil is as simple as the color of the underside of the butterfly, so that the flowers and the colors stand out even better. We don’t have blue flowers in the company, but the purple, pink, yellow, white and red flowers, which you can find in the the company, are shining just as hard in the warm sunshine. Because we don’t have blue flowers, and because we want to show purity, we are proud that this butterfly want to be part of our collection of butterflies.

Papilio demoleus

Papilio demoleus Papilio demoleus_achterkant The Papilio demoleus is a butterfly with lots of details. The unnoted brown on her wings are happily interrupted by lemon yellow spots. Four mysterious eyes are looking at you. These eyes scare off the animals who are looking for a tasty snack. These butterflies are fond of lemons, thats why they have the same color as lemons. The Papilio demoleus is a true guardian of citrus and flowers. Shee scares those who have bad intentions, but she invites those who have an eye for beauty. Welcome and enjoy this beautiful phalaenopsis.

Danaus genutia

Danaus genutia Danaus genutia_achterkant The Danaus genutia is a butterfly with a warm orange color. Together with the deep black veins and the white chain of dots on its wings, it’s really a diamant to see. The butterfly prefer to fly around in an area of craggy hillsides and tall trees. But flowers with nectar may also not be missed. That’s her favorite meal. Because this butterfly can’t live without flowers, we are proud that she is perched on our phalaenopsis. Elegant as she is, she stands against the stem to look up to the flowers, hoping that you look after them, so that she can be a part of their splendor.