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About Phalaenopsis

The phalaenopsis is often called a Butterfly Plant. This is not for nothing, because the flower of this plant looks very much like a fluttering butterfly. Moreover, the Greek name phalaenopsis: a butterfly-like. An orchid is a plant that grows in warm tropical areas. And because the Phalaenopsis orchid is one, the same applies to this plant. You can find them mainly in Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia. If you walk there you will find that they have almost never sunny spots. They grow in the shade of tall trees in damp places such as wood, humus, which is highly permeable soil, or in rock crevices, near water streams and rivers.

A phalaenopsis is a shade plant, and belongs to the epiphytes. This means that a plant that grows on other plants or trees. You might expect that this is not good for other plants, but the phalaenopsis is not really bothering him. Because it draws no nutrients from other plants. She just lives of food that the birds leave at the stump, and the food is brought by the rain. Phalaenopsis has sensitive roots. That is both the strength and the weakness of the plant. She has very little food to thrive, but when there are too many roots there are too many nutrients to process, they can burn, rot or die.

The phalaenopsis is a plant with very thick fleshy leaves. These grow at the base of the plant. In the buttons, the beautiful colors appear. A single flower can bloom often from 2 to 4 months, before they fall off.